<p><strong>WHAT IS PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE?</strong></p>

<p>It is not for nothing that predictive maintenance has gained a reputation as a global game-changer for sustainability, energy optimisation, lowered energy costs, and maintenance. Compared to scheduled (preventive) and reactive maintenance (post-failure/complaint), predictive maintenance focuses on the wear and tear “condition” of equipment. By using modern IoT platforms performance analysis is performed continuously. IoT makes predictive maintenance cost-effective and allows continuous improvements as the “platform” learns from a huge number of sites.</p>
<p>The heightened levels of information required to implement predictive maintenance on HVACR systems requires a new way of working – for almost all organisations. This change is necessary to get results, such as new requirements on data collection and documentation of maintenance to better monitor real time performance over varying operating conditions.</p>
<p>This greater focus on documentation is necessary for the transition to predictive maintenance. Data is collected in real time, documenting all increases or decreases in performances, making it easy to continuously optimise energy usage. HVACR systems are perfect for such maintenance since they operate under highly variable conditions at the same time as their intended operation is known. Monitoring performance isn’t just ‘nice to have,’ but a necessary step in predictive maintenance.</p>
<p>Once the systems are in place and implemented for predictive maintenance, a new world of improvement opportunities opens for organisations. Service visits are no longer based on X visits a year or runtime – which go ahead regardless of the actual state of the system – but instead on system performance - when deviations and issues are detected in real time.</p>


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One of the overlooked advantages of predictive maintenance is its positive impact on safety. By fixing issues before they become critical, we’re creating a safer working environment for employees, and that’s invaluable.

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