Coendurol (OAT inhibited Glycol) by B P Refcool - 210 ltrs

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Coendurol is a MEG based water soluble liquid which contains effective combination of corrosion inhibitors. It offers excellent protection against corrosion for different metals in coolant circuits e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Non ferrous heavy metals, brass, copper.

A suitably diluted solution of coendurol with distilled water can be used for 

Various industrial heat exchanger systems Chiller plants Heat transfer Automotive 

Coendurol is typically diluted as per requirements. A minimum dilution to 20 is used in application areas. Systems previously used with salt based coolants or chloride rich brines must be thoroughly flushed with water otherwise the corrosion inhibiting effect of the product will be impacted. Any other type of coolant being circulated in the closed circuits should be kept completely separate. 

Similarly, any system used with coendurol should be thoroughly flushed with water. Any empty systems should be thoroughly inspected before filling with Coendurol -water mixture. 

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  • Item Code: Coendurol
  • Production Capacity: 100000
  • Delivery Time: 15 days
  • Other Packaging Options: 50kg & 1100kg

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