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Recover Refrigerant Faster and Easier with the YJ-LTE Recovery Unit by Yellow Jacket

Recovering refrigerants can be a challenging task without the right equipment. However, with the YJ-LTE Recovery Unit by Yellow Jacket, the process becomes faster and easier. The unit features a powerful ½ hp twin-cylinder oil-less compressor that enables fast recovery of Class III, IV, and V refrigerants, including R-410A.

The YJ-LTE Recovery Unit boasts a superior condenser design and performance, which allows for high-load conditions. The system also keeps the tank up to 10 degrees cooler and enables the gravity flow of recovered liquid to the recovery tank. Additionally, the unit features a direct-drive fan, making it easy to operate.

One of the key advantages of the YJ-LTE Recovery Unit is its easy-to-read and extremely durable 2-½” liquid-filled condenser pressure gauge. The gauge has virtually no flutter under any condition and protects against damage from pressure pulses. The unit also features a single valve control panel for simple operation, with a position for either recovery or purge. The single gauge shows tank pressure during recovery and recovery unit internal pressure during the purge.

The YJ-LTE Recovery Unit has a sealed compressor crankcase to minimize refrigerant loss over the life of the compressor. The unit also has built-in purge circuitry for easy clearing at the end of each job, eliminating the need for extra tanks or vacuum pumps. Furthermore, the cup-style piston seals offer better performance under high-pressure differentials.

At less than 25 pounds, the YJ-LTE Recovery Unit is lightweight and portable. It comes with a one-year warranty and a product brochure to help users get the most out of the unit.

In summary, the YJ-LTE Recovery Unit by Yellow Jacket is a reliable and efficient solution for refrigerant recovery needs. Its powerful compressor, superior condenser design, and easy-to-use features make it a valuable addition to any HVAC or refrigeration maintenance toolkit.


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